• train

    Out trainers are G31000 certified to train individuals and groups in the ISO 31000 standard.

  • certify

    Your employees can take a NYS approved certificate course for ISO 31000 Risk Management.

  • adopt

    If you don't formally manage risk, we will assist you in implementing ISO 31000 in your organization.

  • Adapt

    Bring your existing risk management process into alignment with the int'l standard.


ERM 31000 Training Group

Our ERM 31000 Training Group provides a number of seminal ISO 31000 public courses.

One-Day Executive Education:
1) Introduction to Risk Management and ISO 31000 (C-Suite Level)
2) Why and How to Harmonize your COSO Shop with ISO 31000 (C-Suite Level)

Three Day Training Courses
1) Certified ISO 31000 Foundation Course and Exam
2) How to Critically Review Your COSO Shop and Harmonize it with the ISO 31000 Standard

Our ERM Consulting Group will tailor any of the above training for your organization, from senior management to production. Learn to enhance the decision making skills of your personnel based on the architecture of this peer reviewed and internationally recognized, concensus document.


Our Standards

ISO 31000:2009(E) and ISO 31010

This standard can be used by any public, private or community enterprise, association, group or individual. It is not specific to any industry or sector.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001 is suitable for organizations in all industry sectors and will help your organization improve management processes to compete locally and globally.

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